Nov 17, 2022

At the long last, the site's backend has been revamped and brought up-to-date with current versions of software components. As a user, you will not immediately see many changes. Actually, since its inception in 2008, nothing much has changed from the looks of the site. The site content (new songs, etc.), of course, has always been growing.

A notable new feature for the user is the 'Settings' icon, where you can select how your songs should be displayed. You have the choice of selecting to view lyrics in Sinhala, in Singlish as well as viewing the chords or scores (the latter yet to come). Guest comments are again enabled - after 5 years of absense! I have included two convenient buttons for you to look for YouTube searches for the song and for a kareoke version of the song.

Dec 12, 2013

LankaSongBook now contains more than 1500 songs! Fulfilling a request by many fans, I have started adding guitar chords. Chords for most of the 'party' songs have already been added. Chords for remaining songs will be added gradually. A new feature 'Collections' has also been introduced. If you want to make your own collection of songs, please follow the instructions in that section.

Apr 13, 2013

Geustbook is again open for your comments. Sometime in February, I had to shut down the guestbook because of a giant spamming attack. It is again open for your comments. I have introduced a Captcha field so (hopefully) only humans can write comments!

Dec 18, 2012

LankaSongBook is now running on a new platform. You will notice that some of the features are missing. These include 'View in Unicode', 'LankaSongBook for Small Displays' as well as the 'sumihiri to unicode' converter. These will come back soon again.

On the positive side, the guestbook is now native. Also there is a new feature to change the key signature of all songs by a certain number of semitones. The musicians will hopefully enjoy this. The 'Like' button at the center of the heading allows you to tell others that you like the site.

There are many more novel features coming up. Please stay tuned.

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